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Alan Hayes has a unique ability to adapt the wisdom of the ages into solutions for the problems of the twenty-first century. This is what has been said about him:
Hayes presents an A to Z guide of environmentally friendly hints, tips and remedies for your home, health, pets and garden… It’s So Natural encourages everyone to think about keeping our homes and family healthy and happy, and our planet clean through simpler, better solutions to everyday problems. HOUSE & GARDEN It’s So Natural is a useful, environmentally safe guide that no family bookshelf should be without. WEEKEND JOURNAL If ever there was a book that could lay claim to the title of Household Bible, it has to be Alan Hayes’ It’s So Natural… This is a brilliant, easy-to-use compendium of environmentally friendly hints, tips and remedies for your home, health and garden. PANORAMA Alan Hayes has collated hundreds of ideas for making easy-to-make products that are environmentally safe for use around the house and garden and infinitely cheaper than similar commercial products... A treasure trove of invaluable ideas that will help the environment and your pocket. JEAN FERGUSON, ILLAWARRA MERCURY Alan Hayes is an expert on herbs and getting by naturally. THE SUNDAY AGE, MELBOURNE Mr Hayes is a fervent exponent of the natural lifestyle, which was commonplace in past centuries and fortunately has become more widely accepted again now that there is a realisation of the damage done by chemicals to the environment. SUNDAY EXAMINER, LAUNCESTON I am very glad to hear that you are educating the world via your books and columns. One of your early publications, Healing From The Garden, was my first step into natural living and I have never looked back. Thank you for your dedication and love of this wonderful earth and for uncovering ways to help the human race achieve optimum health through herbs and natural alternatives. Your books and columns throughout the years have been easy to understand and apply to everyday situations. I do not understand why all of the population cannot follow your ideas to help the environment, their children and future generations. REBECCA HUGHES Whether you need hints on a herbal approach to handling a hangover, or a how-to of energy-efficient home improvements, or just want to remove a stain from your carpet, Alan Hayes has the answer. JOANNA BULLEID, THE CHRONICLE MARYBOROUGH Using his knowledge, Alan Hayes has become the successful author of a large number of books on herbal lore and natural alternatives, notable the international runaway best seller It's So Natural. SUN WEEKLY, CENTRAL COAST Using many recipes handed down from his grandmother, and using his own herbal knowledge, Alan Hayes continues to share many of the long forgotten herbal remedies and their practical applications. THE AUSTRALIAN SENIOR CITIZEN Alan Hayes was thought "crazy", but now his remedies and recipes are seen as simply sensible. JUDY ADAMSON, THE AGE MELBOURNE Alan Hayes leads you simply through the many advantages and benefits of using aromatic oils in your daily life. RIVA WALLIS, OPUS Alan Hayes is the kind of man you need on hand in a crisis. He's got a cool head, a logical approach and a wealth of tips to save money and stress. PETER LAUD, SUNDAY TIMES PERTH Herbalist and author Alan Hayes so wisely points out, an instant panacea - especially those readily available from the supermarket - may not be the most desirable solution to our problems. "There's usually a simple, natural alternative for virtually all chores around the home." FIFI LIM, KNOX NEWS & BERWICK LEADER

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