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Natural Alternatives for Better Living The It’s So Natural® Column deals with environmentally friendly hints, tips and remedies for home, health and garden. Published internationally, its simple down to earth approach has made it one of the most popular columns published. The information it provides is not limited to class, location or climate, and the recipes, hints and advice are simple and easy to read, to make or to do. It is due to this very nature of the column’s grass roots approach, using natural alternatives to everyday situations, that has endowed it with universal appeal. Without doubt the reason for its continuing success. The It’s So Natural® Column is about providing information to keep our planet clean and free of chemicals and on how to live a sustainable, environmentally friendly life. IT'S SO NATURAL® Online Why not enjoy a whole year of natural hints, tips and remedies? SUBSCRIBE NOW to the online edition of the It's So Natural® column. For only $3.00 per week the column will be e-mailed to you each week. Subscription
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