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Alan Hayes OAM


Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts)
Diploma Herbal Medicine


Whether you need advice on how to remove a stain, how to keep your home naturally cool on hot summer days, or if you are looking for a natural first aid solution, Alan Hayes has the answer.

Alan Hayes, who was awarded the Order of Australia medal for his service to the community and to the environment as an author, has pursued his interest in herbal lore and natural alternatives for many years. He has created a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle with his wife on a small farm in a beautiful rural valley behind the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. He grows his own vegetables and fruit, recycles all sorts of material, and makes his own household products, too, from natural materials that are as effective as the harsher chemicals in commercial products. His home is carbon-neutral and is heated or cooled by the sun passing across the sky. All his energy needs are produced on-site and he lives the lifestyle that he encourages other people to do.


Although the demands on his time are great, Alan tends his garden daily, producing a constant supply of fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit for his family, and preserving any surplus.

Alan's interest in herbs first began when, as a teenager, he became aware, through his grandmother, of the herbal lore that had been passed down through his family generations. Now widely known to Australians through his It’s So Natural writings, it is his knack of adapting the wisdom of the ages into solutions for the problems of the twenty-first century that sets him apart.

This led him to write a weekly newspaper column of environmentally friendly hints, tips and remedies for home, health and garden. The column It’s So Natural is published in newspapers and magazines Australia wide, and is also published internationally throughout New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the United States Of America. He is recognised as one of the foremost exponents of the natural lifestyle. He has published more than 36 books on herbs, health and natural alternatives, and his wide range of best-selling books shares his down-to-earth and practical knowledge about natural living. He is totally committed to recycling, healthy living and utilising natural resources, and his philosophy works three ways: do-it-yourself, save the planet, and save money.


Alan is now recognised as Australasia's best-known exponent of the natural life and the guru of herbal lore and the natural lifestyle. He has appeared regularly on a number of high rating national television programmes as their natural alternatives expert, speaking on and demonstrating the versatility of herbs for natural products.

When time permits he indulges in his love of ceramics, working from his own studio. Alan graduated from the University of Newcastle in visual arts in 1991, and his major work was purchased by the University for permanent display.

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