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Widley known for his It's So Natural writings, it is Alan's knack of adapting the wisdom of the ages into solutions for modern problems, particularly environmental issues, that sets him apart. His suggestions are economical, easy to use, and they work. The information he provides gets down to the grass roots of environmentally safe advice and solutions for home, health and garden, showing you how easy it is to make natural products within the home and how easy it is to live a sustainable lifestyle. Alan has gathered and practised these ideas over the years, inventing and refining them in response to his needs and to the needs of others. Other ideas have passed down through generations of his family, and are sound herbal lore.
The Concise It's So Natural, Volume One and Two The Concise It’s So Natural, Volume One and Two, are brief and eclectic compilations of the weekly newspaper column that Alan writes entitled ‘It’s So Natural’, published in newspapers and magazines throughout the world. They include the versatility of herbs in and around the home for health, garden and household pests, cleaners and cosmetics, and many other products and applications that are just as effective as chemicals.
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What has been said about Alan
I am very glad to hear that you are educating the world via your books and columns. One of your early publications, Healing From The Garden, was my first step into natural living and I have never looked back - REBECCA HUGHES Read more...
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Alan Hayes, who was awarded the Order of Australia medal for his service to the community and to the environment as an author, has pursued his interest in herbal lore and natural alternatives for many years. He has created a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle with his wife on a small farm in a beautiful rural valley behind the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. Read more...
Alan Hayes OAM
Alan shows you on video how to apply natural solutions to everyday living. Visit Alan's country escape and see how he lives the sustainable lifestyle.

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