It's So Natural
Household Companion

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In his
latest book Alan Hayes has produced the ultimate guide to living the healthy and natural way. The It's So Natural Household Companion is about keeping our planet clean and free of chemicals. It is a voice calling for a more sustainable life that will lead to a healthier world, guaranteeing future generations the same joy and beauty that we have been able to experience.

The It's So Natural Household Companion offers an A to Z guide on solutions that are friendly to the environment and to your pocket. From a remedy for aches and pains to a solution for stuck zippers, this book is a useful addition to the library of any household concerned about preserving our environment.

Alan has gathered and practised many of these great ideas over many years, inventing some of them in response to his needs and the household conundrums of others. Other solutions have been passed down through his family for generations and are sound herbal lore. "My zealousness for a natural lifestyle has quite often met with the label of eccentricity, but nowadays this lifestyle is much more acceptable and widely practised," says Alan.

This book will give you a better understanding of how to live simply, and how to simply live.
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It's So Natural Household Companion

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